Roger has considerable experience in the development of a wide variety of operational and business information software systems and services using an extensive range of software development methodologies, systems analysis techniques, systems design notations and implementation technologies.

Combined with experience in business administration and accounting, Roger has specific experience in the development of business systems to which responsibility for the management of corporate monies may be delegated, subject to oversight, for fully automated processing and reconciliation.

As a legally qualified systems analyst, Roger also has specific experience in the analysis of complex legal frameworks including those relating to insolvency, intellectual property law, financial services law, anti-money laundering law, tax law and company law. By virtue of his experience in software systems analysis and design, he naturally applies an engineering approach to legal challenges to develop robust, comprehensive legal solutions.

With specific technical research and professional development interests in the nexus between fields of computer science and law, Roger is interested in developing one or more paid or unpaid research and development relationships with professional and financial services businesses with an interest in fully-automated financial service business models, and exploration of abstract and concrete fields of law to support new business models.

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